Wednesday, January 20, 2010

மாநில செயற்குழுக்கூட்டம் தீர்மானம் -ஆர்ப்பாட்டம்

VANAKKAM. As per our 28.11.2009 Pudukkottai State Executive Meeting resolution all the District and Educational district office bearers are informed to organise slogan shouting demonstrations in front of all the Chief Educational Offices in a successful manner.the demonstration is for the following demands

Demand:1. Offer graduate teachers scale to all the pets working in high and higher secondary schools accepting the chennai high court judgement.

Demand:2 Create physical director grade I posts in all the higher secondary schools and promote the physical education teachers and physical directors grade II s'who are working in schools with required qualification.

Demand:3 Offer incentives to all the physical education teachers and physical direct ores for all their higher educational qualifications at par with other teachers working in schools.

Demand:4 Withdraw G.O.525 and appoint physical education teachers in high schools as per students strength without celling.

Demand:5 Make physical education a compulsory subject from 6th to 12th standard and conduct public examinations.

Demand:6. Make games fund a separate head in school special fees account.

Demand:7 Appoint physical education teachers and physical direct ores in R.M.S.A (rastriya mathya shiksha abiyan) and S.S.A schemes.

Friends do demonstrations successfully prepare a memorandum and send it to the director of school education, school educational secretary, Honorable Education minister,Honorable Deputy C.M,and Honorable C.M

Send a photo copy of the demonstration and local News paper cuttings to the state association without fail.